Pipe of the Year 1998 - Sea Rock
Pipe of the Year 1998 - Sea Rock
Pipe of the Year 1998 - Castello
Pipe of the Year 1998 - Castello






2006 sees the new Castello Limited edition, the "Chiodo" (nail in Italian) made in a superb full bent shape, coming with a very unique sterling silver band.
This edition is limited to only 145 pieces available Worldwide and comes in all the finishes.
For celebrating the 60th anniversary Castello made this classic shape 87, the legendary pipe created during the '50s from the creativity of the unforgettable founder Carlo Scotti.

This edition comes in 253 numbered pieces made in the classic finishes: rusticated, sandblasted, smooth and black Perla Nera.

This pipe is the natural result of the research of perfection that Castello always pursuits, respecting the few rules that have always inspired the production: working only the very best briar with attention, art, passion and heart too.

Note: we don't sell directly to the members, so please please contact your favorite Castello dealer for any further information.
Castello 60th anniversary
"Cornucopia" literally horn of plenty (from the Latin "cornu" meaning horn and "copia" meaning "abudance" or "plenty") is a mytholoigcal symbol of food and abundance.
According to Greek mythology, it is the horn lost by Acheloo, the river god, in a fight with Hercules for the affection of Deianira. The horn was retrieved by the Naiads, the river goddesses, and filled with flowers and fruit, in allusion to the fertility and abundance of the valley which Acheloo nourishes.
The "Cornucopia" of Castello, a limited edition pipes (163 pieces), richly ornamented by an artistic silver molding, is named to connect the richness of flavors and aromas wich flow out of its bowl to the mystical symbol.

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